Review of Writing Services


Keeping up with college life in the USA or Australia is not that simple. The routine of getting up early for school, going home immediately after class, studying different lessons, and staying up late in the night is both physically and mentally exhausting.

Review of Writing Services

With all the tasks you have to juggle into throughout the day, you’d likely find yourself drained by nighttime. Sadly, there are still a lot of tasks that you need to complete for the next day. I guess, everyone in college can relate to this.

Good news for you!

But the good news is that there are a number of sites that have good customer reviews and offer academic help to overworked students. is one such site. While this site is based in the USA, it also caters to Australian students.

The concept of is basically aimed at:

  1. Assist students with different academic requirements or homework.
  2. Cover diverse fields of study: social sciences, natural sciences, mathematics, arts, business, etc.
  3. Make lessons easier to understand.
  4. Provide exceptional tutorial services from qualified tutors.
  5. Guarantee student-friendly tutorial rates.
  6. Ease-of-access and usability.
  7. 24/7 availability of tutors.


The home page of looks very simple. The process of placing an order is similarly straightforward, which makes it user-friendly. I needed a paper about the ‘role of hemoglobin’ for a medical course and was due in three days. After I input the topic, the following steps were all simple. The click-down button made selecting the topic, deadline, and number of pages easy.

Review of Writing Services

While it took me less than five minutes to place an order, there was a long wait for the succeeding pages. The next page contained bids from tutors (or writers). I am not sure if they were pre-selected or if they were agencies. Their respective profiles at revealed a bit about the tutor (rating, reviews etc.) and a chat box enable you to talk to these tutors.

Reliable Tutors

The bidding process gives you the chance to choose from among a good number of tutors. If their profiles were truthful and have student reviews, then these tutors are reliable. While the star-rating has helped me make a decision, I found the chat box to be the most useful as you are able to know the tutor well.

Review of Writing Services

Reasonable Choice of Price

I believe the project price at StudyFAQ depends on the nature of the homework you’re requesting. Based on order I made, the rates were realistic. For the one-page essay on a medical topic, the bids were fixed at $15. The topic of the project I requested was about the role of haemoglobin. It is quite a broad topic that I needed some help. It’s reachable for a student.

Review of Writing Services guarantees fast and secured online payment, which they did. You just have to click reserve money and then you’ll be directed to the checkout. And it’s really true. I tried it and was reading about their guarantees in reviews on company.

24/7 Update and Coaching

The 24/7 live chat comes handy if you have questions or wanna review tutors or services, although I had a hard time finding a customer service provider on the other end of the line. I’ve read some feedback about clients who were unable to reach using the telephone.

Review of Writing Services

For concerns about the paper, clients can chat directly with the tutor. Since the English language and curriculum is quite different from the US standard, the paper required a few clarifications. The live chat feature is very helpful in this aspect because it allows periodic monitoring of the project, especially if you have a long academic paper.

Reviews of Writing Services

Happy Customer

Although is a US-based company, the tutors are adept with the Australian English language. As per the essay I ordered, they provided good, reliable service. I have also read a couple of positive reviews about the site and I couldn’t agree more.


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