Review of Writing Services


Okey, don’t ask me how many times I bought a paper – I’m definitely not running for the “Best Student” award this year. I know so many essay writing services backwards and forward, I’m a regular there. The reason is that I get so depressed every time I get a writing assignment, it’s like a dead-weight on my shoulders and I can’t breathe, eat or sleep till I have it done.

Review of Writing Services

When the essays-demons get the best of you – don’t hesitate to ask for help

This time my depression was especially frightening, because the topic I was given “Hormone replacement therapy as a cause of cancer: causality or coincidence?” was especially tricky and I couldn’t find the writer that would understand the subject well enough. Then my classmates advised me that there’s a graduate from our college who takes written projects from time to time. He has good reviews and he liked my topic but unfortunately didn’t have time to do it. So he advised me the service he works with, and that’s how I ended up ordering a essay.

Review of Writing Service

From the first glance I liked their website, everything is very stylish and user-friendly. Happy faces of satisfied students, confident photos of writers, a wide range of services offered to desperate students. Once I checked some SameDayPapers reviews and decided that I would give it a try.

Reviews of Writing Services

I myself even got a little lost in what kind of paper I needed, since I am used to calling everything “essay” or “paper”.

Reviews of Writing Service

The ultimate verdict or is SameDayPapers legit

Overall I liked the paper I received. To be more precise, I would evaluate it like this:

  • The format was flawless;
  • The sources referred to were good, but I did add some books my teacher talked about;
  • The Introduction and Conclusion parts (the most difficult ones) were very well-structured, the best of all paper;
  • In my work from plagiarism wasn’t found;
  • I got a B on my paper but my teacher even mentioned some good points raised in the text;
  • They have really good customer reviews.


Welcome to the dark side!

For those of you who are still in two minds whether to buy a custom paper or not, I hope this review on SameDayEssay will encourage you to go for it.

Review of Services

They are really capable of writing a pretty good paper and can save you a lot of time and trouble. So don’t wait and suffer – kill the written assignment albatross on your neck using SameDayPapers writing and be happy!


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