Review of Writing Services


Not so long ago I faced issues with my history class, our professor started assigning too much essays and other papers, which was fine at first, but in the end of semester when you have to prepare for exams on all subjects and worry about final grades this became a real problem.


After watching me struggling with a whole load of papers and homework my classmate told me about PapersOwl and even though I had never even thought about using such services, I decided to give it a shot. Results truly impressed me! So I decided to tell others about this website and provide honest evaluation of its work, and I hope that this review will be useful for those who are still seeking for help!

Attention Grabbing Points

Since I didn’t have such experience before, I wanted to be prepared. I searched for different feedbacks, read some reviews (both on the website and on independent sources) and asked around about this service. To tell the truth, when I saw too many positive feedbacks it almost pushed me away from the website because as we all know there are many ways to fake those reviews and it sound not very reliable if all of them are perfect.

Review of Writing Service

However, the service itself was nice and I took the risk. Now, with all seriousness and responsibility I admit that I was wrong. is a team of professionals who know what they are doing and they do it in the best possible way and once you will try it you will agree with me!

Guarantees and Safety

I carefully read through policies of the company and was pleased. Since I am usually a very demanding client, I wanted to know everything about this site to have confidence in my personal safety; I was happy to find out about PapersOwl money back policy and other guarantees. I was particularly pleased with the fact that doesn’t allow any plagiarism because as I knew earlier – plagiarism had always been the main weakness of such services.

My Order

Ordering a paper was much easier than I thought. I spent less than five minutes on filling out an order form where everything was already done for me and I only had to choose needed options, give a topic and add my requirements.

Review of Writing Services

Another thing I want to highlight is the price, a minute after I submitted my order I saw many offers from different writers and each of them had different bids. However, it wasn’t as expensive as I expected! I ordered one page essay for history with a week deadline, the lowest bid was $19.5 and the highest one was just $20.25, which in my opinion is quite reasonable. It was also nice to have a chance to speak with writers before I hire someone, this allowed me to discuss all details and see who I like the most, and other pleasant surprise is a possibility to see their feedbacks!

Following the Order Process

Right after bidding on my paper started I received many messages from writers. I talked to few of them and just in about 15 minutes my decision was made and the work was assigned, so I decided to keep myself busy with some other homework and allow the workflow go. To my surprise, I have noticed an email from PapersOwl in the evening of the same day and it said that my order is already completed, even though I initially have set a one week deadline!

Review of Writing Services

I received a completed work and checked everything. It was one of the best works that I have ever seen and more definitely I wouldn’t be able to write anything like this by myself, so I was happy to accept the paper and release payment to my writer.

Quality of Work

As it was a simple essay and only one page long I can’t say much about structure or format of the paper, but I can definitely highlight writer’s professionalism because only a real master of his craft can disclose complicated historical topic in only 300 words! I can say that there were no grammatical or punctuation mistakes, information that was used in the paper seemed valid, my essay was interesting and informative at the same time, and I think that an A which I got for this work is the best evaluation of work.


I know how it feels when you desperately need help and have no idea where to seek for it, and I also understand how many doubts a student can face with such services. But I’ve found a perfect solution and I recommend all of you to try it! is your number one helper in all of your academic matters!


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