Review of Writing Services


You have never gone to college if you never turned to essay writing services for help. I think companies like are an inherited compliment to your college admission letter, which should read “Congratulations! You have been accepted. In order to survive, please sign up for EssayVikings writing help.”

Review of Writing Services

When a Good Student Goes Bad

Yes, yes, I know what most of you are going to say:

  • But you decided to pursue higher degree for a reason!
  • But how can society trust you as a professional?
  • What if your grandma knew?

I’ve been there too. I also signed up for college to make this world better, America safer and give free doughnuts to every homeless person in this world. But the reality took over and I needed to put together a 4-page paper on “Rehabilitation Massage Technics” fast.

Review of Writing Service

So here’s my dummy review of for those of you who are like me one year ago feeling lost searching for the essay writer. Operation Manual

First you google something like “” scam, or what many of us like to google “ plagiarism” and read a bunch of EssayVikings reviews available on the net. Then you realize that all this is silly and you need to see it for yourself. You go to their website and find this cute little Viking. You read what they offer and decide to give it a try.

Review of EssayVikings Writing Services

When you place the order, you use a fillable form, which is very convenient. I wish my teachers used such forms; I hate taking notes.

Then the writers begin what is called “Bidding for your project”.

Reviews of EssayVikings Writing Services

So here is my main tip – many reviews will say that this is the most important step and you should spend hours or even days choosing the writer, talking to him in advance (yes, talking to the writer is possible, pig in a poke times are long over guys). But THEY ARE WRONG!

Review of Essay Vikings Writing Services

The most vital thing to do while ordering an essay – is to supervise the writer once he/she started working. Because in my experience all of their writers are equally good: there’s no plagiarism, no mistakes, no reused texts. But you and only you can shape your perfect essay – so don’t hesitate to literary see every page of your essay while it’s in process and give corrections.

The Most Unexpected Tip for EssayVikings Successful Use

Over the last year I’ve been satisfied with the quality of service provide. They always deliver on time and ask moderate price for their services (I think everything that is up to $10 of plain authentic text is a good price).

Reviews of Essay Vikings Writing Services

So in the end of my review, here’s my advice to you – don’t forget to have fun while studying! There are professional people who can do your job for you. Better. Cheaper. So let them do it!


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