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Everybody who has come through the education system knows that research papers are every student’s worst nightmare. In this EduBirdie review, I will share my personal story. It is a story of discovering a service that has saved me from rewriting a long assignment.

Review of Writing ServicesSomehow, I managed to complete all my assignments on time, and, like a diligent student I am, before the weekend I had to visit my home, I decided once again to reassure myself that my project was still there, in my laptop. What a shock it was to me when my laptop wouldn’t turn on! Thankfully, I had some drafts saved in my mailbox; although quite a substantial amount of work was lost forever (as I later found out that my hard drive was no more). Having recovered only a minority of work done, I was in a position where I had a deadline in two days and only about 20% of work done that had taken me days to produce. This would mean a couple of sleepless nights. I was absolutely livid.

I remembered at the back of my mind, how some of my classmates mentioned using essay writing companies. I was always a hard-working student and never resorted to such services. But here I was, in a position, where some decisions had to be made. My friend suggested I search for Having come across quite a few positive reviews of, I decided to take a closer look at this website. This was, honestly, a first-time experience for me.


The Website And First Impression

The website has a nice design and handy navigation, but what I truly cared about was the uniqueness of the paper and pricing. I must say, the prices are very reasonable. No EduBirdie reviews mentioned plagiarized orders. So I confidently went ahead and discovered that prices started from $18 a page, which wasn’t too bad at all. At first, I was a bit suspicious of such a price, having glanced at other similar websites. To my surprise later, I couldn’t ask for more! Therefore, it is important to highlight in my EduBirdie review that affordable rates offered at this service are real and for such low price, you do get a high-quality paper!

Review of Customer Support

Being a first-time customer, I thought I would check their support to see if it is as advertised. Around the clock customer service is very useful when you have tight deadlines, and your career depends on the assignment. I must say, the support is super helpful. They answered all my queries and recommended how to approach their service to get the most out of it!

Wide Choice of Papers Offered

What I liked particularly was the option to choose between various kinds of assignments, as well as whether the text needs to be written from scratch, rewritten or simply edited (which often is a solution I am looking for). It is very helpful to get a hand from real experts in each field. Students simply can’t excel in each subject. This is especially the case for a university, where there is constantly so much going apart from academic study. I envisage this service would be of great use to those playing sports or having numerous music rehearsals. This is an important part of my review of EduBirdie.

Professional Writers Review

EduBirdie boasts of a large number of qualified writers in different disciplines. Therefore, you can always rely on getting the best-matched writer for your particular task and in accordance with your own needs. It was amazing to have worked closely with the writer on achieving my goals. He was happy to make changes and revise as many times as I required until I got the paper to the level I needed it to be. Giving my writer five stars was easy, as he genuinely deserved it for his hard work and understanding (and bearing with my whims!).

Review of Writing Services



To sum up my EduBirdie review, I am very happy to recommend to all students. I will be resorting to it on numerous occasions and without any doubt, I would offer each of you to give it a try after reading my review because this website is worth your trust. Such incredible quality at a low price is hard to come by! Despite being one of the top students, some topics we are being set are just not my cup of tea, as I’m certain is the case for a large number of students. EduBirdie is definitely a perfect solution for such cases.


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